It’s finally Virgo season! Let’s celebrate in style.

Known for their commitment to organization, practicality, and order in all things, Virgos are always looking to make a practical purchase to round out their wardrobe.

Virgo’s focus and attention to detail keeps them at the top of their game.

Whether they’re organizing the perfect vacation or rocking their way through the world’s most efficient grocery store trip, they’ve got it all figured out. Or at least, they dress like it! Here are some amazing Virgo-inspired looks that’ll make you feel like the absolute boss that you are.


Modest and Practical
Functional, practical, and undeniably fashionable. The Pebble Grain Crossbody is spacious and organized, with a chic modern air. The contrasting leather details give it some extra flair, while the interior compartments will hold everything you need on the go.

Pair this in Blush or Caribbean Blue to add a fun pop of color to your best transitional fall outfits. Try it with simple blue jeans and a cable knit sweater for a relaxed, strolling around town look, or with dark pants and a light button-down shirt to crush it at the office.


Hands-Free Convenience
Virgos are always busy with something. Whether they’re running around with the kids from activity to activity or bopping around town preparing for a big event, every second has a purpose as far as Virgo is concerned. What better way to maximize your time than with our Nylon Flap Backpack? This look will keep your hands free as you keep an eye on the kids or work on that next project.

This backpack is casual enough for everyday outfits, and it has plenty of space for everything you’ll need to get through even the busiest of days. Its nylon fabric is easy to clean, so you can take it with you anywhere! Choose it in Black for an effortless, everyday bag, or be a little bold and try it in Red to add a bit of drama in your wardrobe.

Pair this bag with a t-shirt, a dark-colored blazer, or even an oversized sweater for an adorable casual-chic look.


Reliable Organization
Organization is heaven on earth for Virgos. An organized home, calendar, and handbag bring Virgos joy like nothing else – because it frees them up to focus on what’s important. Our Saffiano Wren Zip Top is a classic, elegant bag that can help Virgos achieve maximum organization with incredible style.

This timeless tote is made from structured European coated leather that will protect all of your belongings. The versatile Zip Top fits in just as well in the office as it does on the beach, making it an easy everyday bag for wherever the season takes you. Choose it in Cranberry for an understated pop of color, and pair it with your best power suit when you’re preparing to kill it in the boardroom.


Embrace your inner Virgo with these chic looks, and get ready for an incredible day with Dooney.