It feels like summer vacation just started, and yet, somehow, here we are, scrambling to get ready for the back-to-school rush. In addition to school supplies and some new clothes and shoes, every student (and teacher!) needs a great backpack to get through the year.

There’s something incredibly motivating about a great backpack that is as stylish as it is functional. Having a trustworthy, durable bag to keep you organized while leveling up your fashion game is important! Whether you’re a college student, a teacher, or even a fashion-conscious high schooler, we’ve got the back-to-school backpacks that will get you excited about everything the coming school year has to offer.


Chic, Slim, and Modern
Our Pebble Grain Zip Pod Backpack features a shape that is somewhere between a handbag and a backpack. Long, narrow, and slim, it’s big enough to hold your notebooks or laptop, but its low profile gives it a sophisticated edge. Wear this in Bark or Tan to up your backpack game to the next level of classic elegance.


Large and in Charge
When you’re going non-stop all day at school or work, sometimes you just need a bag big enough to carry it all. Our Pebble Grain Large Murphy Backpack has enough space to hold your school or work materials, laptop, lunch, and any other essentials. Its black Pebble Grain Leather and bright red interior make this bag as perfect for the boardroom as it is for the classroom. Its leather tassel accents give it just the slightest air of whimsy, making it the perfect mix of work and play.


Colorful Carrier
If you’re looking for something youthful, fun, and beautifully colorful, you can’t beat our DB75 Multi Small Zip Pod Backpack. Best used on days when you don’t have too much to bring with you to school or work, this small backpack packs a huge punch of playful color with our signature rainbow petite logo print.


Undeniable Elegance
This is not your child’s backpack. Our Wexford Leather Backpack in rich, neutral Natural is the height of refinement when it comes to backpacks. Just large enough to hold your essentials but small enough to take anywhere, this luxurious piece takes the silhouette of a handbag and transforms it into a decidedly chic and effortlessly timeless backpack perfectly suited for a day at the office or an afternoon running around town.


Back to school shopping can be hectic, but as long as you’re prepared with a great new backpack for the new school year, you’ll be able to weather it with grace, calm, and a whole lot of style. Browse our backpacks for back to school today to find your must-have back-to-school bag.