Close your eyes. Imagine rich, smooth leather and deep, bold colors. Picture unique, versatile shapes and styles. Now open them.

Welcome! You’ve discovered The Wexford Collection.

This unique collection of versatile silhouettes is made even more irresistible by sleek smooth leather in a variety of fun colors. The Wexford Collection offers a handbag shape for every taste, from shoulder bags, to drawstrings, satchels & more. Although it can be almost impossible to narrow it down, here are a few of our favorites from the collection to get you started.

For something smooth, chic, and super functional, the Wexford Leather Tote is it! Conquer your day with confidence, class, and style. Colorful body leather accentuates artfully placed brown leather detailing, giving the tote a classic feel with a modern touch. Ideal for everyday use, this tote will carry everything you need for a successful day… and make you look great doing it.

For a true transitional piece, look no further than at our Wexford Leather Domed Satchel. Available in a variety of rich yet understated colors, this is the kind of handbag designed to accent, not overwhelm your daily look. It’s casual enough for daytime errands, but this bag can effortlessly transition into an evening bag that looks like it was made for happy hour. What more could you ask for?

A little smaller and a bit sportier, this third bag packs a lot of punch for a smaller piece. The Wexford Lola Pouchette Crossbody is smooth, sophisticated, and versatile. The crossbody design gives it a more casual feel, while the smaller size is perfect for when you just want to bring the essentials. Available in multiple decadent color options, this mighty little bag is sure to elevate your outfit, organize your essentials, and make you feel like a million bucks.

Loving these looks? Wait until you see the rest of the collection. Check out The Wexford Collection today, and find the perfect handbag for you at every occasion.