What do you get when you combine durable Italian nylon, rich Vacchetta leather trim, and retro detailing? Some of our favorite everyday looks: The Wayfarer Collection!

Because of their durability, the bags in this collection are perfect year-round, but especially during the spring and summer. There are styles that are perfect for relaxing days at the beach, busy days at work, and everything in between.

This collection offers a beautiful selection of vibrant colors, from bold reds to sunny yellows, playful pinks and springy greens. But if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, these looks are gorgeous in traditional black, navy, and other neutral tones. Essentially, what we’re saying is they look amazing in every color. And no matter which shade you choose, you’re sure to end up with a bag that is both eye-catching and functional.


The Wayfarer Tote
This classically shaped tote is large enough to carry everything you’ll need for a day at the office or by the sea. The rich leather accents elevate this look, making it sophisticated yet fun. For a work bag, we love the Wayfarer Tote in Black or Taupe, but for a tour around your favorite quaint beach town, you can’t beat the Pink or Kelly Green options.


The Wayfarer Drawstring
This drawstring bag looks both relaxed and put together at the same time. The retro shape and classic closure make the Wayfarer Drawstring a unique bag that packs a ton of personality—and it can hold a lot of daily necessities, too. We think it’s amazing in any color, but in Red, it’s a total stunner.


The Wayfarer Letter Carrier
This bag has everything we want out of a crossbody. It’s compact, it’s minimalist, and the sleek design and leather accents make it elegant, modern, and fun. For a day date or an afternoon running some quick errands, the Wayfarer Letter Carrier is the way to go.


The Wayfarer Flap Crossbody
Another crossbody bag we just can’t get enough of! This mini bag is perfect for when you just need to take a few small essentials with you on your adventures. The Wayfarer Flap Crossbody’s chic shape, bright colors, and beautiful leather accents make this an excellent bag to transition from day to night.


The Wayfarer Hobo
Not only does this look have that classic shape and signature leather detailing, it’s easy to clean, virtually maintenance-free, and has just the right number of pockets. Oh, and have we mentioned the colors? From bold Red, to classic Kelly Green, to the most cheerful shade of Yellow, the Wayfarer Hobo looks great in every color of the rainbow.


The Wayfarer Small Hobo Crossbody
Finding yourself torn between choosing a fun, spacious hobo bag or a cute, compact crossbody? Well, thanks to this style from the Wayfarer Collection, you don’t have to. The Wayfarer Small Hobo Crossbody combines the classic hobo silhouette with the convenience of a crossbody, making it equal parts stylish and accessible.


With its bright colors, durable materials, and retro detailing, the Wayfarer Collection sets itself apart from the crowd. When you choose one of these versatile and unique bags, you’ll be sure to stand out, too. Shop the collection to find the perfect bag for your lifestyle today!