Our bag of the month choice this month is a great one, and honestly, we can’t get enough. With its irresistible silhouette, maintenance-free material, and its bold color options, this bag is perfect for year-round use, but especially well-suited for spring and summer mileage. Introducing: the Wayfarer Drawstring.

Here are four reasons it’s the star of the season.


Unique Silhouette
Equal parts chic and casual, this soft silhouette is undeniably eye-catching. Its two leather-trimmed compartments give it structure and sophistication, while the drawstring closure infuses a bit of casual fun. The result? An undeniably gorgeous silhouette.


Low Maintenance
If you’re anything like us, you have enough to worry about as spring transitions to summer. From end-of-school activities and graduations to family vacations and summer soirees, the last thing you need to add to your to-do list is maintaining your handbag. The Wayfarer Drawstring is made from lightweight Italian nylon. This means it’s durable, easy to clean, and pretty much maintenance-free. Now you can spend less time caring for your bag, and more time enjoying all the sun and fun the season has to offer.


Vibrant Color Choices
Available in rich Navy, bold Red, classic Black, or traditional Taupe, the contrasting leather accents on this bag make the colors pop in a major way. And each one gives the bag a completely different vibe. Choose Black to stand out in a subtle way at the office, or Red to make a big statement on your biggest trips. Navy is the perfect choice for a preppy, eye-catching accessory, and in Taupe, this bag breathes fresh spring air into every outfit. Choose one, or try them all—whatever your choice, you can’t go wrong!


A Timeless Vibe
There’s something about spring, and summer especially, that makes us nostalgic for the retro styles of bygone eras. This roomy, stylish bag combines modern elements with an undeniably throwback-style silhouette to create a look that is distinctly modern but gives a noticeable nod to the bags that came before. If, like us, you’re a sucker for a little bit of subtle sentimentality for days gone by, this bag is a non-negotiable must-have.


No matter where the month takes you, the Wayfarer Drawstring will be with you every step of the way. Its classic style, low-maintenance construction, and unbeatable color choices will instantly upgrade your outfits, and level up your mood. Pick up yours today and welcome a new favorite into your collection.