Ah, fall—the season that wraps us in its cozy embrace. Gone are the days of sweltering heat and with hair that refuses to behave. Instead, we’re faced with gentle, crisp breezes that are just right for a light jacket or that chunky sweater you've been waiting to break out. Everywhere you turn, vibrant fall foliage paints a picturesque backdrop, setting the scene for festive gatherings, fairs, and delightful seasonal treats. Think of the mouth-watering pies, tantalizing candied apples, and the invigorating fashion that makes everything taste sweeter.

Fall isn't just a season; it's an experience brimming with activities and moments to cherish. And as you map out your autumn adventures, we're here to guide you in choosing the perfect fall bags to complement every occasion.


Visit a Fall Festival or Local Pumpkin Patch
There's nothing quite like the charm of a fall festival. It's the perfect spot to create memories with loved ones, with a delightful mix of offerings. From artisanal booths with homemade delights to delectable food trucks serving up seasonal favorites, all are truly special. And let's not forget the classic attractions like corn mazes, hayrides, and the thrilling corn cannons. As you immerse yourself in these autumnal activities, opt for a bag that will free up your hands, like a backpack or one of our crossbody bags on sale.


Tour a Winery
While winery tours are delightful any time of the year, there's something magical about them in the fall. The vineyards come alive with breathtaking beauty, and the autumn harvest promises a bounty of exquisite selections to bring home. As you stroll through these enchanting settings, elevate your style to match. Think refined and polished attire complemented by a sophisticated bag choice—perhaps one of our tote bags on sale, like the Pebble Grain Flynn or the Florentine Russel Bag.


Take a Train Ride
The allure of autumn is undeniably its radiant foliage. Immerse yourself in this seasonal spectacle with a scenic train journey. While there's no strict dress code for such adventures (unless it's a special dinner event), why not elevate your ensemble? Try pairing your look with ILoveDooney's Ostrich Hobo or the Pebble Grain Large Murphy Backpack. Not only do they add a touch of style, they're also practical for carrying refreshments and light nibbles!


Visit a Farmers’ Market
As the fall season unfolds, it's the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming culinary focused celebrations. A delightful way to do this is by exploring your local farmers' market. Dive into a world where you can discover a bounty of fresh, locally harvested produce, artisanal cheeses, and breads. And don't miss out on the handcrafted treasures and decor that abound! For such outings, consider accessorizing with a small crossbody or a sleek wristlet like the Saffiano Folded Zip Wristlet. Not only do they enhance your look, but they also offer convenience, since farmers’ markets are on the smaller side, and you’ll have to wind in and out of booths and vendors.


Fall Bags for Every Activity
As you embrace the autumn festivities, ensure every moment is paired with the perfect fall bag. Explore our diverse collection of handbags on sale. Let ILoveDooney elevate your seasonal experiences, making each one memorable.