Look, Valentine's day is all about love, for sure, but it’s not not about fashion. If you’re not leaning into it, where’s the fun? We proudly don our pink, white and red every year, with all the heart shaped accessories you could ever dream of… and of course, with the perfect bag for every occasion.

No matter what your plans for Valentine’s day are this February 14th, you’ll be feeling the love with an outfit that makes you feel stylish and confident. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

If You’re…


Getting Cozy In The Kitchen
It’s been said that cooking together is key to a long-lasting, loving relationship. We don’t know about that, but we do know that cooking a great meal together makes it taste even better. If you’re celebrating inside the house with a few of your favorite things, you may not need a bag… but what about when you’re prepping? Grab your roomiest ILoveDooney tote or shoulder bag and pick up those last few ingredients. We recommend the lightweight Wayfarer Hobo, a roomy low-key look that’s perfect for carrying everything you’ll need on the go.


Embracing The Great Outdoors
If you and yours are outdoorsy types, a hike at sunset might be the perfect move. While you’re walking around, telling stories, and snacking along the way, a hands-free ILoveDooney backpack carries everything with ease. Each durable-chic backpack is crafted with classic design and effortless convenience, so you can focus on that special someone.


Going All Out
Reservations at a trendy new restaurant call for an elevated look that brings the drama. Go with a flirty matching set or mix it up with a stylish suit in a bold pattern. If you want to keep it classic, add some fun accessories to your favorite LBD. With any of these options, a classic clutchmakes a perfect pair, carrying the essentials and complementing the look, not taking away from the overall effect. For an exotic showstopper, we recommend the Oakdale Clutch Wristlet, but you can always count on a Continental Clutch or a chic wristlet to make a statement in style.


Jetting Off On a Romantic Getaway
Indulging in a romantic weekend getaway? You’ll need a few travel essentials, and we’re not just talking about plane snacks . Pack everything you could want and need in one of our travel bags, thoughtfully designed to take all your essentials in style.

One of our favorites? The Florentine Duffle. Crafted from stunning Vacchetta leather, this look is roomy and structured, with tons of sophistication and style.


Keeping it Casual
This year, if you just started dating, or you’re feeling a more low-key celebration, we recommend centering your evening around an activity that invites conversation. Think bowling, paint ‘n sips, maybe even an escape room if that’s your kind of thing. A crossbody bag has everything you need for a casual adventure, with effortless organization and comfort at the forefront. Find the right crossbody bag for you (we LOVE the Pebble Grain Camera Crossbody) and get out there!


Fall In Love With A New Dooney Bag Today
The opportunities are endless when it comes to making plans for Valentine's Day, so get excited and get planning! We hope our style tips and date ideas help you out, and we’d love to see what you come up with! Tag us on social media with your Valentine’s Day outfits and shop designer bags on sale now.